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     DeskFrame™ E-Series
         DeskFrame™ E-170
         DeskFrame™ E-170 Mini
         DeskFrame™ E-270
         DeskFrame™ E-275
         DeskFrame™ E-371
     DeskFrame™ M-Series
         DeskFrame™ M-520
         DeskFrame™ M-720
     DeskFrame™ Mini-Series
         DeskFrame™ Mini M-1 ( Core i3)
         DeskFrame™ Mini M-1 ( Core i5)
     DeskFrame™ A-Series
         DeskFrame™ A-1100
         DeskFrame™ A-1300
     TravelPro™ U-1430
     TravelPro™ U-1530
     TravelPro™ U-1535
     TravelPro™ M-1540
  Professional Workstation
     OptoFrame™ Workstation
         OptoFrame™ W-100
         OptoFrame™ W-320
     PowerFrame™ Mini Server
         PowerFrame™ S-200
     PowerFrame™ T-Series
         PowerFrame™ T-115
         PowerFrame™ T-325
         PowerFrame™ T-510
     PowerFrame™ R- Series
         PowerFrame™ R-1325
         PowerFrame™ R-1530
         PowerFrame™ R-2530
  Flat Panel Display
     Professional LED Monitor
         21.5-inch Xitrix Professional LED Monitor
         24-inch Xitrix Professional LED Monitor
         32-inch Xitrix Professional LED Monitor
     LED TV
         21.5-inch Full HD Pure LED TV
         50-inch Full HD LED TV
         55-inch Xitrix Full HD LED TV 3D
  Xitrix Solutions
     Digital Signage Solutions
         Xitrix DSP- Site Server
         DSP HQ Manager Server
     Touch Solution
     TravelPad™ A10
     TravelPad™ W8
     TravelPad™ W10
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About Xitrix

Established in 2002, Xitrix started off as a hardware specialist providing Unique and Smart Technology Solutions to clients. Over the years, we grew to become one of the leading manufacturer of technology products, offering a comprehensive range of high performance, cost-effective IT products and solutions.

Today Xitrix has transformed itself into an IT solution provider catering to the end-to-end IT requirements of local businesses.

We are a team of competent, highly-skilled professionals who carry a client-first attitude and strive to deliver uncompromising quality and excellence in service.

Our Edge
We provide customized, best-suited solution for you
- One-stop solution and comprehensive support services to all your IT requirement
- Easy accessibility and local availability
- Single point of accountability and direct access to resources
- One-on-One customer relationships
- Committed to bring you the best value
- Employ latest technology that is relevant to your needs

Our Quality
By integrating quality throughout every process, Xitrix enables consistently superior outputs for our customers. More than a program, quality is an essential part of every process. ISO-9001 certification is an evidence of our commitment to quality manufacturing.

Quality Support
Xitrix provides world-class support services to our customer. Our local based customer care specialists undergo extensive training and have years of experience helping customers deploy, leverage and maintain the latest computing technologies. From end-to-end troubleshooting and system restoration to product knowledge and repair services, Xitrix provides complete customer support resource.

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