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  All in One Desktops
     DeskFrame™ A-Series
         DeskFrame™ A-1100
         DeskFrame™ A-1300
         DeskFrame™ A-1120
     DeskFrame™ E-Series
         DeskFrame™ E-170
         DeskFrame™ E-170 Usff
         DeskFrame™ E-275
         DeskFrame™ E-180
         DeskFrame™ E-280
     DeskFrame™ Mini-Series
         DeskFrame™ Mini B1
         DeskFrame IPC-100mini
         DeskFrame™ E-170 Micro
         DeskFrame™ Mini G1
         Intelistick™ T-02
     DeskFrame™ M-Series
         DeskFrame™ M-520
         DeskFrame™ M-720
         DeskFrame™ M-530
         DeskFrame™ M-730
     TravelPro™ U-1350
     TravelPro Notebooks
     TravelPro™ U-1450
     TravelPro™ M-1540
     TravelPro™ M-1550
     TravelPro™ M-1545s
     TravelPro™ M-1750
     OptoFrame™ M-1520
     TravelPro™ M-1555s
     TravelPad™ A10
     TravelPad™ W8
     TravelPad™ W-10
     TravelPad™ W-11
  Professional Workstation
     OptoFrame™ Workstation
         OptoFrame™ W-100
         OptoFrame™ W-320
         OptoFrame™ W-520
     PowerFrame™ Mini Server
         PowerFrame™ S-200
         PowerFrame™ S-325
     PowerFrame™ T-Series
         PowerFrame™ T-115
         PowerFrame™ T-325
         PowerFrame™ T-510
         PowerFrame™ T-520
     PowerFrame™ R- Series
         PowerFrame™ R-125
         PowerFrame™ R-1325
         PowerFrame™ R-1530
         PowerFrame™ R-2530
         PowerFrame™ R-1540
         PowerFrame™ R-2540
         PowerFrame™ R-4540
  Flat Panel Display
     LED TV
     Professional LED Monitor
         21.5-inch Xitrix Professional LED Monitor
         24-inch Xitrix Professional LED Monitor
         27-inch Xitrix Professional LED Monitor
         32-inch Xitrix Professional LED Monitor
         Xitrix 32-inch Curve Monitor
     LED TV
         24inch Full HD LED
         32inch HD LED
         43inch Full HD LED
         50-inch Full HD LED
         55inch Full HD LED
         55-inch Ultra HD LED
         65-inch Ultra HD LED
         75-inch Ultra HD LED
     Large Industrial Display
         75-inch Ultra HD Commercial Display
         86-inch Ultra HD Commercial Display
         98-inch Ultra HD Commercial Display
     Touch Monitor
         17inch Capacitive Touch Monitor
         32inch Capacitive Touch Monitor
         55inch Capacitive Touch Monitor
         Xitrix OPS M1 Mini PC
  Xitrix Solutions
     Video Wall Solution
         49inch Narrow Bezel Video Wall
         49inch Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall
         49inch Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall High Nits
         55inch Narrow Bezel Video Wall
         55inch Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall High Nits
     Digital Signage Solutions
         Xitrix DSP- Site Server
         DSP HQ Manager Server
         CloudSign Media Player 4k
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Strategic Partnership


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT, NYSE: MSFT) is an American public multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services predominantly related to computing through its various product divisions.

Xitrix Computer Corporation is an Authorized Microsoft Reseller and System Builder

Leadtek Research Inc

1. nVidia GeForce Graphic Card
• nVidia GT Series- Entry
• nVidia GTX Series - Mid Range
• nVidia GTX Series - High End

2. Quadro Workstation Graphics
• Quadro NVS - Entry
• Quadro Mid Range and High End
• Quadro Sync
• Quadro SDI Capture
• 3D Vision Pro for Professionals
• Quadro Plex
• Tesla and VCore

3. Leadtek Multimedia
• Leadtek Analog TV Tuner
• Leadtek Digital TV Tuner
• Expansion Card
• Transcoding Card
• Video Capture Card

4. Video Phone

5. Mobile LBS Solution

6. Telecare

7. GPS Solution


Created in 1989, TYAN designs, manufactures and markets advanced x86 server/workstation platforms. TYAN’s products are sold to OEMs, VARs, System Integrators, and Resellers around the world for a wide range of applications. As a leading server brand asset owned by MiTAC International Corporation, TYAN is to be deeply enhanced and further developed through the synergy and innovation of the new MiTAC.

Products from TYAN feature design enhancements specifically developed for enterprise computer room and data center environments. These highly stable, space-efficient products are very attractive to OEMs and System Integrators designing next generation rackmount server solutions for a wide array of applications.

1. Intel Based Server Motherboards
• Xeon E3 Server Boards
• Xeon E5 Server Boards

2. AMD Based Server Boards
• AMD Single Socket Server Boards
• AMD Dual Socket Server Boards
• AMD Quad Socket Server Boards

3. Intel Based Server Barebone
• Intel Based Single Socket Server Platform
• Intel Based Dual Socket Server Platform
• Intel Based Quad Socket Server Platform

4. AMD Based Server Barebone
• AMD Based Single Socket Server Platform
• AMD Based Dual Socket Server Platform
• AMD Based Quad Socket Server Platform

5. TYAN Solutions
• Cloud Solutions
• Blade Solution
• GPU Computing platform
• High Density Server
• Embedded Platform

6. Tyan Network and Storage Adaptor


Based in Fremont, California, QCT LLC is a subsidiary of Fortune Global 500 Company, Quanta Computer Inc. (http://www.quantatw.com). Quanta Computer is a $37-billion original design manufacturer (ODM) based in Taiwan, providing custom-engineered datacenter solutions to customers globally.

QCT provides a complete line of off-the-shelf datacenter products, including servers, storage and networking equipment as well as configuration and support services. The company targets midsize and large enterprise datacenter customers, service providers and governments who want the engineering excellence of a global manufacturer of integrated datacenter solutions, but do not require the scale and resources of a full-service original design manufacturer. While Quanta builds custom gear for the specific requirements of large customers, QCT offers a broad line of off-the-shelf components, each of which offer varying degrees of configurability.

1. STRATOS Servers: 1U/2U general-purpose servers, multi-node high density servers, and 4-way high-end business critical servers for applications such as HPC, virtualization, distributed computing, various cloud services, among other applications.

2. MESOS Storage: High density storage systems and JBOD optimized for different storage architectures and varied I/O performance requirements.

3. TROPOS Switches: High-quality, ultra-high-speed 40 GbE switches, aggregation 10 GbE switches, and top-of-rack GbE switches with flexibility for datacenters to sign up optional support/features only if they need it.

4. RACKGO Integrated Rack Solution: Centralized power and cooling. An optimized green modular design for different datacenter infrastructures. Computing/storage density requirement, power efficiency, best PUE, and CAPEX/OPEX reduction.


AirLive® is a brand providing Innovation, Solutions, Reliability and Technology. AirLive’s R&D department continuously focuses its efforts on developing the right products including AirLive® WISP and Outdoor solutions, AirLive® SMB and Security solutions and AirLive® Small Office and Home products.

These products represent brilliant value for enterprises, business professionals, Internet Service Providers, small businesses and consumers because of their outstanding price/performance ratio.

MESSOA Technologies Inc

Established in 2003, MESSOA Technologies Inc. specializes in surveillance technology, offering security and surveillance cameras with comprehensive network solutions. Having been rapidly growing and widely recognized with its self-developed solutions sold under the MESSOA brand, the company envisions becoming a total video surveillance solution provider by consistently delivering reliable products and services to the worldwide customers.


MESSOA prides itself on its technological expertise and know-how in the field of video surveillance. Proprietary Lumii™ imaging technology and CatchAll™ license plate capturing technology are both independently developed to allow products excel in features and performance, which have made MESSOA advantageously differentiated from other competing brands.

Digifort Video Management Software:

Digifort is the first Brazilian software for monitoring IP, Digital CCTV and electronic storage of images.

Known in the market as an IP VMS, Digifort has the resources and advanced technology solutions for the areas of digital intelligence, surveillance, corporate and urban security. Currently, its platform is continuously developed, sold in over 80 countries and translated into 11 languages, making the software one of the best in the international market.

• Supports 150+ brands, 2000+ camera models
• Supports Multi Monitor
• Create your own viewing screen style
• Left/Right Side GUI Control Your Choice
• Digifort was elected the best video-surveillance software, receiving 90% of the votes and surpassing the world’s main IP surveillance software`s.

Sans Digital Storage

Sans Digital is a provider of high capacity, multi-functional advanced storage solutions. These storage units can be used in home offices, small and medium-sized businesses, video editing, data backup, surveillance systems and many other industries. Sans Digital`s products provide great solutions for companies and individuals across the world who need effective and reliable data storage systems.

Technology and Service Differentiation
Sans Digital offers storage products for RAID and bare-bone systems. With technologically advanced products, Sans Digital ensures that the products will meet the customers` needs. By incorporating the latest technology, Sans Digital sets the standard in the storage industry.

Product and Service Innovation
Sans Digital offers products and services that are exclusively unique, which help customers improve their productivity. With over 10 years of experience offering complete storage solutions, Sans Digital`s products have come to be distinct with their unmatched technology.

Business Productivity Solutions
Every customer is different and Sans Digital recognizes that one size fits all storage solutions are unlikely to meet everyone`s requests. As a result, Sans Digital joined a wide variety of industry leaders to offer storage applications that are specific to various industries. This includes off-the-shelf or fully customized solutions.

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Strategic Partnerships
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