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55inch Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall High Nits

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Xitrix® Industrial Grade Video Wall Solution series comprises 49” and a 55" LCD display with LED backlights, combining high brightness and a wide color gamut with an extremely narrow bezel for excellent tiled visual performance.

 +Ultra Narrow Bezel
 Xitrix LCD video walls are designed to deliver even the largest images with stunning clarity. Virtually seamless bezel combined with LED light source brings you an excellent visual experience, in terms of resolution, brightness, contrast and viewing angles. The combination of rugged design and industrial-grade components can withstand the tough demands of industrial applications. Compared to conventional products, results show lower power consumption and long lifetimes.

 +High Resolution
 Available in Full HD resolutions, Xitrix high-resolution LCD video walls are ideal for demanding control room environments where image quality and accuracy are of utmost importance.

 +Wide Viewing Angle
 Xitrix LCD video wall design is further engineered to provide a wide viewing angle of 178°, resulting in superior image quality and outstanding color uniformity.

 +LED Light Source
 Xitrix LCD video walls are Eco friendly, as LED contains no mercury or other harmful materials. LED backlights reduce burn-in and ensure long life of the product with lower power consumption.

 +Diverse Inputs and Outputs
 Xitrix LCD video walls are equipped with various connectivity ports to support various inputs/ outputs without requiring additional processors. Analog RGB (D-Sub); Digital DVI-D; HDMI; BNC- Component (YPbPr); BNC-Composite (shared with component); DP (DP 1.2); Audio-In (RCA L/R), Stereo mini jack; USB, OPS slots are available as standard inputs and DVI-I; DP (DP1.2); Audio-Out, Speaker Out as standard outputs. Multiple options like RS 232In; RS 232 Out; RJ45 are available for control.

 Xitrix scalable and expandable LCD panels are designed for a variety of applications such as control centers, NOC rooms, airports, conference rooms, public signage, etc to name a few and can be mounted vertically or horizontally to form one large display of any size.

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Panel size 55inch Ultra Narrow Bezel
Combined Bezel 1.8mm (Typical)
Back Light Type Direct LED
Resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080, professional-grade display
Display Colors 1.07 Billion
Brightness (Typical) 700 nits
Display Mode Direct LED Backlight / Normally Black
Contrast Ratio (Typical) 1400:1
Input 1 x Analog RGB (D-Sub)
1 x Digital DVI-D
2 x HDMI, 1x USB
3 x BNC- Component (YPbPr)
1 x BNC-Composite (shared with component)
1 x DP, 1x OPS Slot
1 x Audio-In (RCA L/R), Stereo mini jack x 1
Output 1 x DVI / DP
1 x Audio-Out
1 x Speaker Out
Control Options 1 x RS 232 In
1 x RS 232 Out
1 x RJ45
Standard Output 1 x Digital DVI-D
Power Control AC power ON/OFF switch
Internal Speaker Option 10W x 10W
Input Voltage 100 V ~ 240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption ≤185W
Dimension 1211.54×112.5×682.34
Operating Life > 50,000 hours
Standard Warranty and Service Offerings 3 Yerars Warranty on Parts and Labor


Standard Warranty and Service Offerings
3 Years Warranty on Parts and Labor

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