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     DeskFrame™ E-Series
         DeskFrame™ E-160
         DeskFrame™ E-260
         DeskFrame™ E-360
     DeskFrame™ M-Series
         DeskFrame™ M-510
         DeskFrame™ M-710
     OptoFrame Workstation
         OptoFrame™ W-200
         OptoFrame™ W-315
         OptoFrame™ W-500
     TravelPro™ M-14
     TravelPro™ M-14 ( 2nd Gen)
     TravelPro™ D-510
     TravelPro™ U-14
     TravelPro™ U-1410
     TravelPro™ U-1510
     TravelPro™ V-13
     TravelPro™ X-13
  Professional Workstation
     OptoFrame M- Series
         OptoFrame™ M-15
         OptoFrame™ M-17
     PowerFrame Pedestal Server
         PowerFrame™ T-110
         PowerFrame™ T-300
         PowerFrame™ T-400
         PowerFrame™ T-500
     Rack Optimized Server
         PowerFrame™ R-110
         PowerFrame™ R-1510
         PowerFrame™ R-2510
         PowerFrame™ R-2710
         PowerFrame™ R-2810
     Multi Node Server
     Quad Socket Server
         Xitrix® PowerFrame™ QR-4000
         PowerFrame™ QR-7000
  Enterprise Blades / Modular
     PowerFrame™ 8850 Blade Compute
     PowerFrame™ 8855 Blade Compute
     PowerFrame MF-5000 Platform
     PowerFrame™ MF-5520 Compute Blade
  Mass Data Storage Devices
     PowerStoR SS4000
     PowerStoR SSR2120
     PowerStoR SSR2122MC
     PowerStoR SS4200
  Flat Panel Display
     LED TV
         21.5-inch Full HD Pure LED TV
         55-inch Xitrix Full HD LED TV 3D
     Flat Panel LCD Monitor
         16-inch Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor
         17.3-inch Wide Screen LED Panel Monitor
         18.5-inch Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor
         20-inch Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor
         21.5-inch Full HD LCD Monitor
         23-inch Full HD Flat Panel LCD Monitor
     LCD TV
         15-inch Xitrix Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD TV
         21.5-inch Full HD Flat Panel LCD TV
         21.5-inch Full HD Pure LED TV
         26-inch HD Ready Flat Panel LCD TV
         32-inch HD-Ready Flat Panel LCD TV
         42-inch Full HD Flat Panel LCD TV
         55-inch Xitrix Full HD LCD TV
  Home Server
     Xitrix® PowerStoR™ HS-1000
     Xitrix® PowerStoR™ HS-3000
  Xitrix Solutions
     POS Solutions
         Xitrix POS-P100
         Xitrix POS-P200
     Digital Signage Solutions
         Xitrix DSP- Site Server
         DSP HQ Manager Server
     Touch Solution
     TravelPad™ W8
     TravelPad™ W10
     Xitrix Support
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Affordable, industry-leading technology business Desktop
Designed for the discerning business user, the Xitrix DeskFrame family delivers high-powered, reliable solutions to organizations of all sizes. As part of our full line of business desktops, DeskFrame systems are full-featured, manageable, and ideal for networked environments. And there`s a DeskFrame affordable for any budget—large or small.

DeskFrame™ E-Series - The DeskFrame E Series offer a cost-efficient solution for the budget conscious user. Equipped with the essentials needed for a stable and reliable PC, the E Series deliver new levels of performance with features such as higher throughput and simultaneous computing.
DeskFrame™ M-Series - The Xitrix® DeskFrame™ M Series includes products specifically designed to deliver easy manageability and hardware security with exceptional stability to keep your business running and maximize employee productivity. In addition, this series features products built for power-efficient performance, helping businesses decrease their energy costs while increasing their productivity.

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