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     DeskFrame™ E-Series
         DeskFrame™ E-170
         DeskFrame™ E-170 Mini
         DeskFrame™ E-270
         DeskFrame™ E-275
         DeskFrame™ E-371
     DeskFrame™ M-Series
         DeskFrame™ M-520
         DeskFrame™ M-720
     DeskFrame™ Mini-Series
         DeskFrame™ Mini M-1 ( Core i3)
         DeskFrame™ Mini M-1 ( Core i5)
     DeskFrame™ A-Series
         DeskFrame™ A-1100
         DeskFrame™ A-1300
     TravelPro™ U-1430
     TravelPro™ U-1530
     TravelPro™ U-1535
     TravelPro™ M-1540
  Professional Workstation
     OptoFrame™ Workstation
         OptoFrame™ W-100
         OptoFrame™ W-320
     PowerFrame™ Mini Server
         PowerFrame™ S-200
     PowerFrame™ T-Series
         PowerFrame™ T-115
         PowerFrame™ T-325
         PowerFrame™ T-510
     PowerFrame™ R- Series
         PowerFrame™ R-1325
         PowerFrame™ R-1530
         PowerFrame™ R-2530
  Flat Panel Display
     Professional LED Monitor
         21.5-inch Xitrix Professional LED Monitor
         24-inch Xitrix Professional LED Monitor
         32-inch Xitrix Professional LED Monitor
     LED TV
         21.5-inch Full HD Pure LED TV
         50-inch Full HD LED TV
         55-inch Xitrix Full HD LED TV 3D
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Affordable, industry-leading technology business Desktop
Designed for the discerning business user, the Xitrix DeskFrame family delivers high-powered, reliable solutions to organizations of all sizes. As part of our full line of business desktops, DeskFrame systems are full-featured, manageable, and ideal for networked environments. And there`s a DeskFrame affordable for any budget—large or small.

DeskFrame™ E-Series
Designed to help small businesses get the most out of their IT, DeskFrame E- Series are easy on your budget without sacrificing essential features. They come in a 2 form factors to fit any office space, and are built to expand as your small business grows.
DeskFrame™ M-Series
From small business to enterprise, DeskFrame M-Series desktops give users the immersive experience and usability they crave and the security and manageability that IT needs.
DeskFrame™ Mini-Series
The Xitrix DeskFrame Mini M-1 is an ultra-compact form factor PC measuring 4-inch by 4-inch. Anything your tower PC can do, the Mini M-1 can do and in 4 inches of real estate.
DeskFrame™ A-Series
The DeskFrame™ A-Series All in One PC fulfills all of your computing demands, whether in your business or at home. All-in-one PCs powered by the new Intel® Core™ processor family can act as a centerpiece for an expanded home computing experience, delivering the performance and versatility of a desktop in a stylish design you’ll want to show off.

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