About Xitrix

Xitrix Computer Corporation manufacture, sell and support Xitrix branded computer products. The Company`s primary product offering includes Desktop computers, Notebook computers, High performance Workstations, Pedestal and Rack mount data center servers, LED Displays and Touch screen monitors. The Xitrix line of high-performance computer systems includes DeskFrame E and M series desktop computers, Xitrix OptoFrame workstations, TravelPro notebook computers, PowerFrames Servers and PowerStoR Storage. The Company also markets printers, scanners, digital cameras, monitors, storage devices, surge protectors and other PC accessories that are manufactured by companies in their respective markets. Xitrix also markets a broad range of software offerings, from entertainment and productivity applications for the consumer market to vertical applications for various segments of the commercial and institutional markets.




Our Edge

We provide customized, best-suited solution for you

  • One-stop solution and comprehensive support services to all your IT requirement
  • Easy accessibility and local availability
  • Single point of accountability and direct access to resources
  • One-on-One customer relationships
  • Committed to bring you the best value
  • Employ latest technology that is relevant to your needs



Our Quality

By integrating quality throughout every process, Xitrix enables consistently superior outputs for our customers. More than a program, quality is an essential part of every process. ISO-9001 certification is an evidence of our commitment to quality manufacturing.



Xitrix is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified

This certification demonstrates our commitment to customer satisfaction and environment responsibility, and ensures our processes are effective in meeting customer requirements. To maintain our high level of quality, we continually monitor our process and product measurements, and analyze data to see where process can be improved. We take pride in being ISO certified, knowing many of our partners require certification, but also because it enables structure and accountability within our organization.



Quality Support

Xitrix provides world-class support services to our customer. Our local based customer care specialists undergo extensive training and have years of experience helping customers deploy, leverage and maintain the latest computing technologies. From end-to-end troubleshooting and system restoration to product knowledge and repair services, Xitrix provides complete customer support resource.