Xitrix® M10 Dual-Motor Sit-Stand Desk

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Xitrix M10 Dual-Motor Sit-Stand Desk Frame Rounded elements are used throughout the design of Xitrix M10-22D: Curved lines are evident in the columns and control panel, giving the desk a distinctive look while bringing a trace of vibrancy to any work environment. The stylish appearance combines with strong, quiet dual motors to provide a brilliant balance of seeing, feeling and use. With the frame available in three color options (black, grey or white) and the controller available in black and white, Xitrix M10 standing desk will fit most any office or home décor. For absolute safety, Xitrix proprietary gyro-current collision avoidance system offers improved sensitivity and detection of objects that may enter the moving path. The Xitrix M10 is the perfect height adjustable desk.


  • Strong lifting power with low noise level
  • 2 Programmable Memory: presets save your desired height
  • Adjustable Width: fits a variety of desktop shapes and sizes
  • Strong Motor: ensures a very high stability level
  • Sit/Stand Time Reminder: for regular movement
  • Easy-to-Use Press Controller: makes height adjustment easy
  • Collision Avoidance System: safeguards against accidents and injuries


Item No. XPN-M10
Material: Steel, Aluminum, Plastic
Dimensions: 1000~1500x600x690~1170mm (39.4"~59.1"x23.6"x27.2"~46.1")
Tabletop Size: (1200~1700)x(600~900)mm ((47.2"~66.9")x(23.6"~35.4"))
Weight Capacity: 125kg (275lbs)
Height Range: 690~1170mm (27.2"~46.1")
Color: Black, White, Grey